Upcoming Perfmances Revised!


21st Charbar 6pm to 8

22nd Moe's BBQ Downtown Mobile, AL  630pm-930

23rd Private Event 10am to 3pm 

24th Private Event 8pm to 11


5th Charbar 6pm to 8

13th Weidmanns…


August Performance Dates

August 5th Moe's BBQ in Semmes, AL 600pm to 900

August 11th Nick's Boathouse in Pensacola,  FL 500pm to 900

August 12th Weidmanns in Meridian, MS 900pm to 1200

August 13th Weidmanns in Meridian, MS 900pm to…


July Dates and Appearances! (Revised)

July 6th Charbar (WholeFoods Cafe) Mobile, AL 6-8pm

July 7th Stripes Bar and Grill in Navarre, MS 6-10pm

July 8th Weidman's in Meridian, MS 9-12pm

July 14th Nick's Boathouse in Pensecola,FL 5 to 9pm

July 20th…


Thank you 30 A Songwriter Radio!!!

I want to thank 30A Songwriter Radio for welcoming me Friday night at their cafe and on their podcast! It was an honor to share my music, my stories and promote my debut album "Becoming" which will be released this…


June Performance Dates and Appearances!

June is here!

Josh will be out of the country June 21st through the 28th on a missions trip. 

These are the current dates this month:

June 2nd at Nick's Boathouse in Pensecola,Florida 500pm to 900

May Performance Dates!

The following are JSW's performance dates for May!

May 5th at Nick's Boathouse in Pensacola, FL 6pm to 10pm
May 6th at Lagerheads on the Gulf in Navarre Beach, FL 12pm to 4pm
May 7th at Lagerheads on the Gulf…

Exciting Album News!

Ladies and gents we are weeks away from my debut album release and I'm proud to say that I am having the privilege of working with graphic designer Philip Davis and photographer Chase Smith!

After many long setbacks I am…

Updated Shows in April!

The 6th at Fondren After Five at the Hal and Mals tent in Jackson, Mississippi 5pm to 9.

The 9th at Lagerheads in Navarre Beach, Florida 2pm to 6.

The 11th at Core Community Coffee in Mobile,AL 6pm to 8…

JSW Update on Album and More

Dear Friends, Fans and Family,

These last several months have been a trying time in my life to say the least but I am happy to say that my debut solo album is done and cover art is being made…

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

We are excited to announce we have nearly met our goal for the GoFundMe campaign raising money for the album!

2017 is looking to be a very exciting year! Lots of music in the works and projects…

First single "Us" unveiled... 

To celebrate the forthcoming debut album "Be Me", here is the first track unveiled straight from the master tapes!

This song is dedicated to everyone who has supported me in this project morally, spiritually, financially and in whatever way a…

Album title unveiled: "Be Me"...

Josh in January of 2017 will officially release his first solo album entitled "Be Me".

After dozens of delays and setbacks, the 3 year project will be completed and made available online.

The record was self-funded and included a last…