Josh's Story

Joshua Stephen Ward is an emerging recording artist from Mobile,AL that released his debut album Becoming in 2018 as the the beginning of his artistic journey to create music that reflects the spirit of self-discovery and optimism he cultivated in dealing with a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from the age of 19. The lead track "Be Me" was chosen as #3 in Southland Musicline's Top 10 Songs of 2018.

Josh has a degree in classical guitar and studied composition at the University of South Alabama.While in school he slowly began to craft his own style of artsy pop/rock in blending modern music with earthy singer-songwriter styles as well as nostalgic sub-genres.

Josh, along with writing & performing music, teaches other musicians in the Bay Area how to create music that is the most satisfying to one's individual identity. He currently is based out of Mobile,AL and to performs regionally throughout the South East United States.